Friday, August 6, 2010

I. Sharing is Caring

Lets get ourselves introduced (because I certainly don't bite.) :)

My real name is Christina and its been that way since birth. I've been watching youtube videos a lot longer than I've made them. In fact, I've tried making several channels and I always felt something was lacking. Maybe it was because I was new. Or maybe I'm boring to see. Or my camera wasn't the greatest. All of those things became something I felt pitted against and my feeble attempts at joining the YT cmmunity felt like a major fail on my behalf.

But from the fiery depths of my low morale, I have decided that this time I want to make an enjoyable channel. (pow!) I don't know where it will take me but I do know that beauty is something that doesn't exist on the outside, its grown from within. We make our own happiness and luck and by George, we can make ourselves over each and everyday. 

So if today wasn't your best, there is always tomorrow. :D

In a nutshell, this is pretty much what I'm all about. I'm not striving to be anything else but me and I don't see this world or the YT beauty community in shades of Carbon black or Snow white. I see it as a community and each individual puts forth their share. If there share is a little self absorbed, that's there share. If there share is honest and genuine, that's there share. And if there share is on the goofier, sillier side. Then that's there share.

So is it okay if I share with you?
<3, Christina (or BizzooBizzoo on YT)

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