Thursday, August 12, 2010

II. Cover all your bases

So these last few days I've been working with a new primer, Tarte's Clean Slate. It has a hefty tag ($30.00) but Tarte's website was doing a Friends and Family sale, so I nabbed it at $18.00. For some that could still be a bit pricy but the way I look at it is I paid $15 dollars to try Make Up Forever primer and I got half the amount. (.5 fl oz I believe)

 Besides I've heard that Tarte is worth the money and its primer contained more natural ingredients and frankly, if your husband decides to spoil you, let him. :)

The first day I wore it:
Loreal's pore resmoother
Boots Anti-Shine facial lotion
Tarte's Clean Slate
And Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation (not the smooth one, we don't have that here. Still. lol)
And it did ok.

The second day I wore it I used
Loreal's pore resmoother
Tarte's Clean Slate
and Covergirls Trublend mousse foundation (the one in the glass jar)

And holy moley something magical skin looked amazing. With that foundation and that primer it was like two girls with similar interests, they are bound to get along. My mother complimented me. My husband complimented me. And the mirror with my reflection shooting back at me was happy.

So today I'm wearing it with
Loreal's pore remoother
Tarte's Clean Slate
and Everyday Minerals base in Fair Matte Foundation

Now, today I've hit jackpot number 2. It works fantastically with my powder foundation. It doesn't look flat, it doesn't cake up. In fact it almost makes me tempted to get another one of these primers for a back up. lol

But I will resist temptation for the time being the next foundations I have to try are:
Revlon's Color Stay
Maybelline's pure (something... its in a little aqua squeeze tube)

I will say, I have natural combination/oily skin. It becomes almost normal/combo in the winter time. So its natural for my oiliness to come through. Nothing I've ever owned is matte enough to keep me...well matte. And in all honesty, I prefer a little shine. It makes me look like I was born pretty. lol I do use oil blot sheets throughout the day and when I bought this primer I wasn't expecting it to preform a mattifying miracle.  I use primers to make my makeup last. And to keep my skin from breaking out. And if it does either of those two, or both, to me its a product that wins. Once I'm done with testing it out with my other foundations, then I will do a formal review on my thoughts.


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